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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 (2012)

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Lecture 12- Personality defined -About the final: not cummulative th -on april 19 -90 minutes long – and it is from 7-9 pm -textbook chapters: 6-10 -lectures 7-11 material -room assignments are on blackboard -he gives students a higher grade if there are 1% away from a letter grade change -if you are within 3 points of passing, he rounds us up -format: 50 MC 4 options each. 25 lecture questions. 25 textbook questions Personality Defined -Dan McAdams: personality is an individual’s unique variabtion on the general evolutionary design for human nature. -expressed as developing pattern of traits, characteristic adaptiations, integrative life storeis, complexly and differentially situatied in culture Dimensions of Human Existence Made by Bakin Agency: self focus, what makes us separate and diffderent from others. Striving for expansion and elevation fo sekf Communion: forcus on others. We are forming connections and striving for contact and congregation with others. We are part fo a larger entity -they are meta constructs (category to organize an concept into sensible chunk) -meta constructs (categorys we use to understand other constructs) – way to make sense of other theorys Human evolution -eg. origin theories of human nature- evolutionary and cultural accounts.-when looking at the distal evolutionary theorys: Attachment system: evolved behavioural system that monitors prozimity and distance from caregivers -protest and expressing distress Social Rank System: if threatener was superior, then submit -recognition and use of power (agency) -this is an agentic system because its about the organism itself Gender, society, and culture -proximal cultureal accounts (causes more recent in time) - we are products of socialization processes -feminity: nurturance and cooperation -masculinity – dominance and competition -we are segregated play – men play war games and girl have “tea parties” Personality at 3 levels 1. Personality Traits -btoaad traits that emerged -they are independent of eachother, so knowing one doesn’t tell you much about the others -when we reanalyze them,2 broad classes come up -jack digman: was one who re-analyzed and was first to discover these 2 superfactors Alpha and beta Alpha -shared variance of agreeableness, conscientiousness, and emotional stability (opposigte of neuoticism) -may reflect a social reliability or socialization factor (communion) Beta Varianction with extraversion and intellect/openness -reflects personal growth factor- wer have t when we have personal growthTrust-Mistrust 4- Cooperation Alienation 7. Intimacy isolation 2
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