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Lecture 16

Personality Lecture 16 Notes

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Marc A Fournier

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Lecture 16 Personality Freud: you have to solve one stage to move on to the next Erikson: you will move on regardless of whether you have succeeded or failed we move on from one stage to the next because society expects us to. Process of Identity Formation Exploration Challenge to childhood viewpoints Investigation of alternative viewpoints Commitment Resolution of exploratory phase Adoption of adult ideology, social role(s) 4 possible statuses that emerge with the challenge of identity Achievement: Explored & Committed Religion, politics, career Identity achievement: higher grades in college, score higher in TAT measures of achievement motivation non-conforming to peer pressure and social norms Morotorium: Ongoing Exploration & No Commitments In Marcea interviews, theyre undecided; searchers Have not yet committed Anxious & frienly, likeable, sensitive and insightful neurortic but agreeable Foreclosure: Committed & No exploration Constant reference to family and parents values. Evidence of commitment but nothing about exploratory behaviour. Conventional, traditional, diligent, authoritorian ideologies Diffusion: No Commitment & No exploration Low evidence of exploration & reflection Very superficial Identity is followed by the issue of intimacy Intimacy vs. Isolation Virtue: Love : capacity to put aside differences Excess: Promiscuoity intimate too quickly, superficially Defficiency: Exclusion isolating oneself Intimacy: For Erikson, it meant opening up to ANYTHING outside of ourselves. It included romantic partner, but also self-disclosure we engage in, in friendships. Intimacy in psychotherapy ones relationship to oneself, self-discovery, connecting with your own self, etc.
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