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Lecture 10

PSYB32 Lecture 10

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Konstantine Zakzanis

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PSYB32 Abnormal Psychology Lecture 10Dementiaprogressive get worse over timediagnosis requires more than one examinationstroke results in stepwise dementiamild cognitive impairment MCIbehavioural problem is due to abnormal activity in frontal lobeuse of neuropsychological testing for diagnosisdiagnosed by ruling out other syndromesautopsy is used to confirm dementiacortical basal degeneration results in alien hand syndrome involuntary hand movementAlzheimers diseasenaming problemwomen with dementia in general tend to live longer but a higher chance to die from Alzheimers diseasemen have higher chance to die from strokerisk factor is the E4 gene early onset of Alzheimers diseaseincrease by 40having two E4 genes the prevalence is 90dont have hallucinationdementia with hallucination is lewy body dementiaBrian of people with Alzheimers diseaseatrophy brain is wasted awaysequence of disability memory hippocampus speaking temporal orientation problem parietaltangles and plaques cause these problemstangles and plaques are present in normal peoples brain the difference is the number of them patients with Alzheimers disease have more tangles and plaquesRisk factor1 Head injury2 Depression3 Cognitive reservenotion that high education level delays clinical expression of dementia because brain develops back up reserve neuro structure as a form of neuro plasticityexample of interconnectivity cognitive activity preserves cognitive function use it or lose itcognitive activity gets better with crystallized intelligence but not with fluid intelligencehead injury and depression are by productdue to head injury and depression the patients mostly likely are not motivated to learn and the problem become more seriousphysical activities help to develop back up reserveheart rate goes up brings oxygen to brain
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