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Lecture 9

detailed lecture notes lecture 9

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Mark Schmuckler

LECTURE 09 continuation of language in infancy and toddlerhoodend of 12 months infants produce first words first words based on sensory motor behaviourscommon objects important sound effects actions Chinese infants more action words social routinesunder extension use a word to narrowly ex bear only to their teddy bear categorize grasps social cues to meanings helps them learn new words when produce about 200 words they begin to combine words2 word utterance telegraphic speech leave out words that are not important more X eat xcomprehension vs production comprehension exceeds production 5 months lags bw theminfants can comprehend 50 words sooner than produce 50 wordscomprehension requires recognition memory production requires recall memoryrecognition memory is good early in life recall memory takes longer to develop comprehension and production is related toddlers who are faster at comprehending words also show fasterproduction Language in Childhood VOCAB26 yrs huge advances in vocab 2yr 200 words 6 yrs 1000 words learn about 5 words day during this periodthey process of connecting new words to different things fast mapping labelling things children fast map labels for objects easily cultural differences asian languages learn verbs easily than English speaking childrenElementary school learn 20 words day why children learn to readchildren who read 21 mins a day 2million words yr they also understand subtle differences bw words such as fall tumblechildren understand meaning by contrasting them with words they know then assign the label children mutual exclusivity bias separate words refers to different categorieswords are mutually exclusive in terms of the concepts they represent3yrs memory language and cog expand assign multiple label to objects syntactic bootstr
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