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Lecture 3

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Mark Schmuckler

PSYB20Lecture 3 Profs SpeechPurpleSlide 2GeneEnvironment Interactions IntroductionBehaviour Genetics o Genetics heredity environmenteach has the power to alter the course of development o Contributions of nature and nurture to human traitsResearchers agree that genes and the environment are both equally involved in developmentAll attributes are influenced by the environment in which they express themselves o Polygenetic traits o The question of how muchHow much do genes and environment interactHow much of personality is genes How much is environmentThe point is that they interact how much is not importantGenotype and Phenotype o GenotypeFocuses on genes and genetic pairingcombosOnes genetic endowmentCoded in DNAInherited Constant over lifetime o PhenotypeFocuses on organisms as they develop and questions related to behaviourObservable characteristics of the individualWhat you see behaviourJoint function of genes and the environmentEmerges through interactions with genotype and the environment o Genetic influencesmake inferences on genotypes rather than on the observable phenotypesSlide 3Genes the Organism and the EnvironmentVariations in any level of the environment can have an impact on the development of the organism can have an effect on the phenotype o Experiments on the Himalayan rabbitTook white fur off the rabbits back placed an ice pack on it fur grew back blackColour of the fur that grows depends on the temperature of the environment and on specific temperatures of different body parts of the rabbit o Studies of fur colourHow do we study geneenvironment interactions o Keep environments of different genotypes constantHow to specify environmental conditions as much as genes conditions when studying ie for individuals identical in genetic structure in different environments their differences are attributable to environmental affects o Keep genotype constant while varying the environmentIdeally we want to test the widest range of genetic structure and widest range of environmentsie place the Himalayan rabbit in many different environmentsSlide 4Waddingtons Canalization Principle
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