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Zachariah Campbell

LEC 6, chapter 6 psyb45 Punishment there is an occurance of a behaviour, followed by a consequence and after the consequence, behaviour is less likely to occur in the future  know it is a punishment Positive punishment – follow a given behaviour (maybe maladaptive) – an aversive stimulus is followed ex. A child screaming and a parent spanking them - behaviour less likely to occur after - need to establish that the stimulus had that effect and nothing else was causing that Negative punishment – maladaptive behaviour, stimulus or reinforcer is removed ex. Child screaming, take TV away from them Punishment – stimulus that follows a behaviour that results in the decrease in the future probability of that behaviour - aversive stimulus may also be used 4 different types: When a punisher is delivered, behaviour is less likely to occur in the future –> positive punishment When a punisher is removed following the behaviour, behaviour is likely to (occur/decrease) in future -> negative reinforcement When a reinforcer is delivered following a behaviour, behaviour is less likely to occur -> positive reinforcement When a receiver is removed following a behaviour, behaviour is less likely to occur in future -> negative punishment Unconditioned reinforcers – food and water; things needed to survive Painful stimuli : unconditioned punishers ; things that occur in body without us doing anything attention could be an unconditioned reinforcer – people need it to survive Conditioned punishers – something that is learnt ex. Dogs biting shoes and get hit by a newspaper – whenever they see the newspaper, they get scared - needs to be little delay with consequence and punishment - must have contingency - saying NO to a c
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