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Konstantine Zakzanis

Decreasing behaviors Lecture 8- was cancelled – she was sick March 8, 2013 [ 1 Lec 8 stuff *Things to stop doing – smoking, bitting nails, stop texting late  Reducing unwanted behaviors  Occupational/Educational- coming in late  Training- chewing, peeing on the carpet, getting rid of bad habit  Interpersonal- stop bothering you, stop swearing  Self-management-  Reducing unwanted behaviors (her life) ( she wants to reduce these goals)  Occupational/Educational  Someone is sending too many emails  Training  Dog is misbehaving-  Interpersonal  Want husband to stop leaving clothes out  Self-management  Eating too much dessert  Methods for Reducing Behaviors: Non-Punishment Methods  Extinction-  Differential Reinforcement  Habit Reversal  Extinction  Definition?- remove the reinforcer you are talking , something which is consistently reinforced , you remove the reinforcer (allowing it to stay)  What do you need to know first? So you need to figure out the reinforcer,  How do we find out reinforcer – functional assessment  Functional Assessment- watching what happens  Can’t implement extinction purely based on assumptions- reinforcer – you are getting the reply  Reinforcers differ from one person to the next  Reinforcers can be different in different contexts  Multiple reinforcers: this is the case where there are more than one reinforcer , ( ex: getting replies , getting your questions answered , giving in )  Removing Reinforcer  Can you control the reinforcer?  Automatic reinforcer: extinction is not a way to go ,  Other people are providing the reinforcement: you cant control what other people do  Effectiveness of Extinction  Withhold all Reinforcers- do it every time, if you give in sometimes, the signal will be stronger  Consistency- very important, but want to reduce it, using all settings  Variety of settings  Instructions  Differential Reinforcement  Withholding reinforcement from the target behavior and reinforcing a different behavior  4 different ways  Incompatible behavior (competing response)- specific- reinforce a incompatible behavior EX: dog licking another dog, ( him running and doing something else ) we should be reinforcing those , physically not able to do the problem behaviour  Alternative behavior-something different, you could also do the problem behavior , ( u could smoke but at the time you call a friend)  Other behavior-( not do anything )we put a time limit on it , without doing it EX: if you cant fight for your brother for the car ride , you will get a treat)  Low rates- if you just do it a little, a person sending one email in a week, so u just reply if the person just wrote a email in one week.  Habit Reversal (only about your self, not used for other people)  Used in self-management- habit you want to change about yourself 1.Become aware of triggers- habit is automatically, biting your nails, and you are not aware of it , stop and do
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