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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Emotions lec 4 Exam: lectures notes based on main concepts -concern of nature of adaptation and concern with nature of meaning Kurt Lewin -talk about emotion in a meaningful way, think about emotional phenomena in the world -behavior is a function of person in environment Scientific thinking -aristotelian mode of thinking -there was a separate rules of objects in space than -inside of objects and guiding them built into them are specific rules -any kind of testing you do that is attached to a quality of the person being testing is called essentializing -essential qualities attached to you become likecement and you cant get rid of them -person object or event seen as havin an essential quality inside of it that defines it-essentialializing -*teleology: purpose is built into the system, that drives the system -that person is governed by a quality inside of them that makes them nice -something is built into the system before hand and governs how that system works Galilean mode of thinking -behavior is not a function of the person alone, it’s a function of the property of the person and the environment -we say the persons behavior will be shaped by qualities they have and the situation they are in -situation is fundamental to understanding emotional events -appraise the situation before we make decisions finals thoughts -galileo deals with interaction of 2 Lewin’s strategy -gerthe look for pure phenomenon in the world -lewin says if we want to study something in lab, the lab must be the recreation of the world out there -he’s saying the lab must be a microcosm of the world out there -you need to recreate events like in the real world, this allows for ecological validity -psych has gotten further and futher from ecological validity -*anomic suicide: occurs because a person feels completely alienated from their world History of the word emotions -aristotle: passion was a word used to describe quite a diverse lists of states accompanied by pain and pleasure -vives understood meaning of emotional situations -classic notion of passion is being overwhelmed by an emotional situation -overwhelmed having a powerful reaction -its disruptive if you are so overwhelmed -passion overwhelms we react to situation and it can be disruptive -*discursive space: the domain in which people talk, and people use language in diff eras in diff ways -what we think emotions means, it didn’t mean it before, it meant sumthing before -it was previously used for a physical sense -the same word means different things over time The affective process-thomas young -3 words come to term with- affective processes, feelings and emotions -simple feelings: they are tied to sensory excitations, -negative organic feelings: satiety , they are tied to sensations that are externally mediated -affective effects, have bodily foundation -we don’t think of hunger and thirst as emotion but it may be related -activity feelings: activity is the important factor here, it is fundamental to emotion -we’re moving away from the gut to the brain -moving more and more into the social context, -sentiments: disposition towards something important in French -moral aesthetic: is this beautiful or not, we’re getting more refined -moods, go into a specific emotional state and stay there, can be driven chemically organically or by emotions -pahological trapped in those mood states -temperaments: they are diff form moods, temperaments are beyond moods, its their disposition, its more of a personality quality -different levels and nuances go from bodily states to social effects? -interesting how mind works with body and vice versa -emotion is unique has a piece of the mind and piece of the body involved -the mind is taking over, and the organic aspect of emotion is suppr
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