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Chapter 2

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Zachariah Campbell

Chapter 2: Observing and Recording Behaviour Types of Behavioral Assessment < Behavioural Assessment: the measuring of behavior < Indirect: getting information from a source besides yourself (not as accurate as direct approaches since they are prone to faulty memory, but these approaches allow us to look at behaviors we might not be able to otherwise) Interviews Questionnaires Rating scales < Direct: getting information yourself while the behavior is occurring (the best, most accurate method) Observation and recording of target behaviour in vivo Recording Behavior 1. Define the target behavior Identify what exactly a person does or says that constitutes a behavioural deficit or excess. Stuart: Grade 3 student who has difficulty paying attention in class and tends to engage in disruptive behaviour In this scenario, Stuart is labeled as being disruptive(disruptive is the label, the behavior is listed below) Behavioral definitions (can all be objectively measured) Getting out of his seat during class Striking up conversation with other Pushing objects off his desk repeatedly Putting his hand up constantly in class
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