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George Cree

PSYB57Lec 1More emphasis on material covered both in lecture and textbookVideo 1 Cognitive psycholigist deal with how people deal with thoughtscognitive said people think commutecognitive processes are important behaviourists didnt think it wasUsing computer to study the mind bc it process patterns are similarHerb Simon won nobel prize in economicsCognitive scientists brought backstudy of the mind behaviourist had no time for it Mental constructs were importantInfo processing approach for studying mindmind like a computer can have a different language as how info is processed by mind channels info traveling thorugh channels info changingOrginally computer metaphor to brainmetaphor currentDifference bw mathematical model more numbers trying to find formula to define behaviour and symbolic model more variables higher level more complexrules of manipulationCognitive psychologystudy of the mind goal is to get system to produce human behaviours1967birth of cognitive psaychology attention experimentwhen were having convo with other person able to block out evrything else and focus on the personcherry found that if someone in the room mentions ur name u notice itsomehow this info got thru the filter and sumhow we were able to attend to it even tho we were having a convo alreadyinvention of computers allowed psychologists to use this to help them in research1956darmouith conference where they discussed how computers cud be used to help1958 first person to use a flow diagram to help describe something about psychology1957skinner tried to explain language learning thru social mechanisms
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