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Lecture 6

PSYB65-Lecture 6 Notes

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Ted Petit

Lecture 6 N Schizophrenia o Hallucinations and delusions Especially if they hear voices (most of the time hear voices, instead of seeing a vision) Hallucinations N When hear ppl talking to you Delusions N Think ppl are plotting against them o Thought it was one gene for schizophrenia, but that is not the case There are about 5 genes that are involved Not that one gene codes for schizophrenia N Mania and depression are overlapping diseases o Age of onset prior to age of 30 So if make it to 30 and not have any symptoms, probably safe o Poor performance on frontal lobe tasksfunction :0439N34ZL1L9-0.,:80419K0L8470747-0.,:80 of the tranquilizersmedication that they have been on for a long time o Poor performance on verbal and nonverbal memory o Most have enlarged ventricles and lighter brains May be because they have been on major tranquilizers for many years o O49418.KL]45K703L.8439OLN09,NL3J9K0L720L.,9L43 -0.,:80L92,N089K029L70,39K0439OLN0100OL3JOLN0 themselves o Genetics: 1% of the population havewill develop schizophrenia 10-15% of schizophrenic patients, parents children or siblings are schizophrenic N $:JJ0898L98,J0309L.L84707
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