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Zachariah Campbell

PSYB65 Sept. 9, 2013 HISTORY OF NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Trephination Surgical procedure Reasons:  Medical – after traumatic brain injury, there would be swelling. Maybe by removing a piece of the skull, they could reduce the swelling. o We still actually still do this today  Magical – understand why people were experiencing epileptic seizures… by releasing the demons from the mind. Modern Neurosurgery Modern day terms: Craniotomy (replacing a removed bone flap)/Ectomy (not replacing a removed bone flap) Depressed skull fractures – want to push the skull back out so that it’s not digging into the brain ICP (Intracranial pressure) monitoring/treatment  Subdural/epidural hematomas Deep brain stimulation Biological Basis of Human Behaviour/Experience Cephalocentric: seat of experience/behaviour is located in the brain  Alcmaeon of Croton  Hippocrates  Plato Cardiocentric: seat of experience/behaviour is located in the heart  Empedocles of Acragas  Aristotle Western Civilization Philosophy: how to think about logic; deductive reasoning Natural Sciences PSYB65 Sept. 9, 2013 Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek Thinkers Nature and locus of the mind Advances in mathematics and philosophy Early Greek Medicine Prior to 500 BCE, medical practice was controlled by priests/Templar physicians Alc
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