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Lecture 10

Detailed lecture 10 notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Lecture Notes Lecture 10: Syndromes associated with Prefrontal Lobe, Hippocampus, and Part of Parietal Lobe 1 FRONTAL LOBE Posterior portion of the frontal lobe deals with the primary motor strip (initiating movements). More anterior to that, the associational cortex (prefrontal), deals with planning, socially appropriate behavior. For Alzheimers Disease, starts with he Hippocampus, then it moves towards to the frontal lobe, then prefrontal lobe. History of prefrontal lobe Long time ago, Gall brought in the concept of phrenology (drew on the skull different areas that were suppose to represent different functions) Gall thought that the forehead (now prefrontal lobe) were responsible for intellectual functions. It became very widespread, so Jacobson decided to test this in monkeys in 1930. Jacobson took a group of monkeys and trained them to do intellectual activities, he then performed frontal lobotomy (removing the prefrontal lobe). After, he found out that his monkeys had lost the delayed response capabilities (they could not perform if there was a delay between seeing a solution to a problem and given the chance to perform the solution to solve the problem). This was shown in WGTA and tool-usage. However, if the monkey was left in the dark or given a sedative, the monkey could actually solve the problem. Thus Jacobson thought that the inability to perform the task after a delay is caused by some sort of distraction of the surrounding. If the distraction is not present (in the dark), then the monkey is able to solve the problem, its not enti
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