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Ted Petit

LECTURE 1wwwutscutorontocapsyb65Central Nervous SystemBrainSpinal Chordspinal chord is continuous with the brainhard to tell where it ends and where it begins We say that everything out of the base of the brain is the spinal chordBrainforebrain midbrain hindbrainhindbraincerebellum sensorymotor integration gets sensory info and controls the muscles medulla vegetative processes brain stem base of the brainmidbrainreticular formation controls circadian rhythm mostly the sleepwakefulness cycle part of the rhythm not a good place to have a stroke or youll be in a comaforebrainthalamus relay centre info coming from the spinal chord is relayed into more modernfrontalnewly evolved parts of the brain hypothalamus controls life processes keeps the species alive over a long period of time ie eating behaviour aggressiondefensiveness matingsurvival behaviour If it feels good its in the hypothalamus 4 Fs finding feeding fighting sexual reproductionlimbic systemamygdala aggression hippocampus sometimes hypothalamus emotioncerebral cortex AKA neo cortexmost anterior structure in the brain Very large part of the brain in fact it covers up a lot of other structures in the brain Its complex and very much evolved and it gives us intellectual abilities Evolution of the brainbrain began as a tubelike structure kind of like a spinal chordif certain nuclei were used more often they became more stable less likely for neurons to die became largernuclei began
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