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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

vascular disordersthings that go wrong with blood supplycerebro vascular accidentstrokea severe interruption of blood supply to the brain results in eschemianot enough oxygenblood infarctdead or dieing tissue the bigger the artery is blocked the bigger the damage is going to be Encepholomalaciavery slow reduction in blood supply which causes an accumulation of small amounts of brain damage which causes a softening of brain tissu Transienttemporary eschemic attackcan be caused by migraines things that cause blockages thrombosislocally formed blockage such as a blood clot in the artery embolism some sort of obstruction plaque of cholestorol that came from outside the nervous system cerebral hemorageblood vessel inside the brain that bursts subdural hematomableeding between the skull and the brain angiomacollection or a mass of enlarged abnormal blood vesselshappens before youre born like a birth mark they are often inherently weak aneurismvascular dilation of blood vessels caused by problems with elasticity in blood vesselhaving a weak spot in blood vessel closed head injuries
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