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Lecture SixPSYB65H3 Schizophrenia Symptomso Hallucinations they hear people talking to them who are not thereo Delusions they think theyre hearing from god etc Delusional ideas about thingsEx People plotting against them etcHistory o If you do a bunch of tests that schizophrenics show poor function in the frontal lobe and reduced ability in verbal and non verbal memory o In all other things they appear to be fairly normal o They have enlarged ventricles and lighter brain weight o Onset of 30 o These studies were taken on people who were schizophrenic fora long time with years of medicationso its not clear which came first o People did genetic studies 1100 or 200 people are schizophrenic It is about 1 or less If you look at peoples direct familyparents siblings or childrenthe rate goes up to 1015 more or less 10 times more in familieso Twin studies dizygotic nonidentical 10 to 15 monozygotic4075 Basically genetics play a huge factoro However since monozygotic twins are not 100 alike there are other factors that play a parto PsychopharmacologyAntihistamines were found to call people down They gave it to schizophrenics and found out that it worked So they tried different ones and found that certain ones more effective The best ones were the ones that block dopamine Most famous Pagnothiazines chlorpromazine the blocked the site for the monoamines serotonin dopamine and norepinephrine They found this out through the back doorcold medsThey found that the effectiveness was due to its ability to block dopamine Specifically dopamine receptorsThey then found out that dopamine stimulants did two thingsIf you were schizophrenic stimulants caused them to immediately go nutsNormal individuals also showed schizophrenic type of behaviours To do that you have to give these for 24 hours high levels So they went in to look at the brains of schizophrenics thinking that they would find a lot of dopamine however they have normal levels of dopamine but many receptors D2 and d4 receptors are 6 times the number of receptors in schizophrenic individuals If you suppress the dopamine receptors too much you might have symptoms of Parkinsons disease
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