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lecture notes 8

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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12 Lecture 8 Experiencing Prejudice II Group differences in intelligence and academic performance Situational differences- moment to moment incidences Women in science as per the identity-threat model of stigma o There is a stigma that women are not good at math-collective representation o What cues are there in the environment, is it a mathpsychology classroom? Are there cues that a womans identity is not valid o Personal traits- does she care, how stigma conscious? , group identification? o Volitional responses- strong motivation to disprove stereotypes, effort to cope by suppressing thoughts and possibly it can all impact performance Psychometrics-mental testing, cognitive tests that test your mental ability, there are personality tests; St. Francis Golten tried to demonstrate the hereditary of intelligence, Alfred Denai-first intelligence test (school children so it can be separate retarded from normal), he believed the intelligence test was not innate o Various people tested, and an avg score was found for each age, than the person was compared with their mental age(irrespective of chronological) o Louis Termen adapted Denais test and become known as the Stantforth- Denai intelligence test(IQ quotient was the ratio of mental age over chronological age multiply 100) o Termen thought there was inequality in IQ, it is innate, and it measured inherited intelligence o David Wesley-developed new nonverbal ways of testing for non-English o A good test should predict what its supposed to predict(valid) and reliable o Several tests dont take into account that different people can d things differently
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