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Lecture 2

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Michael Inzlicht

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Lecture 2 (01/24/13) • 8:00 in the lecture about the highest quote for a car experiment by Ayres & Siegelman, (1995) • Study done in chago • -Results of the Quote experiment on slide 4 in the ppt -4 twin testers in the experiment -Age -Education -Attractiveness -Dress -Script -Same dealer -Same Car All these factors need to the same so there is no bias • For a good controlled experiment… -Similar/Same appearance - Similar/Same behaviours -Similar/Same contexts - Similar/Same traits (age, gender, etc) -etc… • Why would salespeople: Ask more money from women? (Assumptions) -Women don’t know much about cars -Not as smart -More agreeable Ask more money from Blacks? (Assumptions) -The dealer’s race -Racism -Black males are less educated -more white males in the job vv. Black males so the white people are going to relate more to the white customers -Anchoring • 20:50 in the lecture is the movie -2 men (John and Glenn), same life, but different skin colours -Instant attention to John (White), but not for Glenn (Black) -Even black salesman didn’t come to aid for Glenn -Trailing Glenn in stores -When they were locked out of their cars, Glenn didn’t receive help, but John received help right away -Same car and same car salesman, but different price for the two -Consider blacks as less sophisticated, so salesman asks for more -Job interviews and house viewing, different services -Lecture style (Glenn) vs. Positive Conversation style (John) -Availability (John) vs. Scarcity (Glenn) -Racism clearly shown between the two men -Taxis also treat Glenn second to John • Ask yourself: Why does discrimination exist? And why do stereotypes exist? -Fear -Neighborhood race -Bias • Origin of Stereotypes: Cognitive Categorization: Sorting certain groups with certain traits that classify the group as a whole. It is part of learning. If we do not categorize we wold be amazes by what we saw , it saves us resouces and cognitive energy Example: Hassidic Jews: -black hats -black suits -beards -ringlet “sideburns” -religious If you are exposed to jews the next time you see someone dressed like them you will know who they are and what to expect The problem is generalization, when we assume everyone of is the same of a certain group Why categorize? -Infinite number of stimuli in environment -Limited capacity cognitive system -Essential part of learning -Occurs spontaneously -Removing stereotype removes learning (categorization) Stereotypes are traits (negative or positive) associated with category -Can be useful in making predictions -Are based on a “kernel of truth” -Are fast & efficient -But, they are also over-generalizations; especially when applied to an individual Groups Categorize world into in-groups & out-groups -In-group: Groups to which we belong -Out-group: Groups to which we do not belong You love your in group and hate the out group -This simplifies social world Us vs. Them -Categorizing accentuates inter-group differences
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