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Lecture 4

Psychology of Prejudice- Lecture 4- 7th February, 2013.docx

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Michael Inzlicht

Psychology of Prejudice PSYC12 Lecture 4 th 7 February 2013 Midterm- Friday March 1 7-9 pm 70 multiple choice questions. Lectures and Chapters 1-5 (inclusive) Maintenance of Stereotypes Suppression Ironically when people try not actively to think about something, you end up thinking about it even more. Stereotypes- are efficient, fulfill motivations and automatic. But they are negatively impact targets. So they said how about we suppress stereotypes. Mental Control You need to have a goal, then you need to act on that goal and have someone check to see if you are achieving that goal. - Mental control requires - - operating process (OP) Takes action to meet desired state (prevent stereotypes) - - resource rich controlled - Monitoring process - - compares current state with desired states (scans mind for stereotypes_ - - Resource- free automatic. - Under load, OP fails MP works in the opposite way and makes you think about the stereotype even more - Suppressing stereotypes may work in the short term but not in the long term. Macrae, Bodenhausn, Milne and Jetten - Hypothesis: Because suppressors activate the unwanted stereotype repeatedly (ie. MP) they will experience “rebound effect” (ie greater activation) - Methods – have to suppress stereotypes versus non suppress - Write “day in the life” of photographed person - DV: Lexical Decision Task - - Judge whether presented string are words or non words (sometimes the letter strings were words or non words) - - If construct is primed, will react more quickly - Reaction time for stereotypical words (eg. Aggressive) - What they found that those people who were suppressing thoughts about the skinheads they were more likely to select stereotype words for skinheads. Therefore people who suppress were faster to respond to violent and aggressive skinheads. - The results for Lexical Decision was those who suppressed skinheads in the previous task were faster to respond with stereotypes such as aggressive and anger to skinheads. - Those who did suppress thought about stereotypes less. - Suppression can lead to rebound effect- > greater activation of thought than would be the case if thought not suppressed - This affects thought and not behaviour - There was another study done with the suppression of skinheads and placing a leather jackets in a room. They found that those individuals who suppressed skinheads were more likely to sit farther away from skinheads. - Modern Prejudice Dave Chapel Video: the situation that dave chapel painted, it doesnt happen but people do have stereotypes in their mind. Many people believe these things but they may not say it. We live in a very privilege society, for the most part people try to control their prejudices. Segregation in the US Even 100 years after they abolished slavery blacks were still separated. In Canada Too? The older University in Canada, only accepted a certain quota of Jew every year. Another community in Montreal had housing quotas and only allowed certain amount of Jews to live in that community. Even in history, Chinese people had to pay a headtax of 500 dollars to enter Canada. However things have changed. You don’t get people to openly admit what they really think. But even if they do think in stereotypes, they don’t overtly say it because they don’t openly see it. Prejudice hasn’t gone away, but it just transformed. Polls shows decrease in racism It is no longer “fashionable” t be racist Yet there is still a resistance to integration - Affirmative action - Marriage- it isn’t uncommon to see different races together in Toronto. But in some places it was illegal for black people to marry a white person - Housing- in the suburb of Houston there was resistance of black people living there. Old fashioned versus Modern Racism - It is a bad idea for Chinese and whites to marry each other - It was wrong for the government to outlaw the Chinese head tax - IF a Chinese family with the same income and education moves next door, I would mind a lot. - I favour full racial integration - Chinese people should learn how to speak English. - Chinese people have more influecen upon the push for multiculturalism Modern Racism (MR) - The idea here is that modern racist don’t consider themselves to be racist at all. They don’t have overt explicit attitudes, but they disguise their feelings as opposition again traditional values. Its not that I don’t like blacks or Chinese but I don’t like people changing my culture. - These scales are transparent nowadays. It is really hard to track a modern racist today. -
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