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Gerald Cupchik

Psychology of Emotion PSYC18 Lecture 2 th 17 January 2013 ** Go to each page look for2-3 important facts **look at the repetitive findings Where are we in the process of things changing? Which is moving faster, you or the world around you? The experience of time will be a function of the relative rate of change between you and your world. Time slows down if – I change faster and the situation changes slowly Time speed up if – The situation changes quickly and I change slowly The world is changing and we are changing, and the relative rate of change is something we can feel. In highschool when you haven’t seen someone for three years they tell you that you haven’t changed at all but you have. You are changing constantly everyday, but the world seems slow because the world is not changing at all. Then there’s when everyone is changing around you, figuring out what they want to do but you haven’t gotten a clue, and you’re not changing at all. Time is a plastic concept, it is not fixed. That is what gave rise to the assembly line, and the western society. The Academic World In terms of locating ourselves in our world 1. Conceiving of our worlds- Geisteswussenchaften (human sciences) study culture through Verstehen (act of empathic understanding) and Hermeneutics (interoreting the artifacts of a world filled with meaning) Verstehen- You are not the only one and the first one that has gone through a breakup. You would go to someone like your grandma who would be more understanding and not judgemental. They know all the other cases like yours and what has happened to them, so they can give you advice. They see all the implications and networks around it, to advise you with all the possibilities. Your concrete life experience and the sample space that other people have with these relations that can be useful to you. Hermeneutics- is the process of interpretation. It is usually applied to text. The goal of which is to enter into deeper meanings. You’re interpretating the world. When conceding of our worlds - Emphasis is placed in wisdom and understanding the life- world - Idiographic, individual cases, concrete situations or events. - Phenomenology- the description and structure of experience. What happened to you, what was it like for you? It is about the structure of your experience 2. Studying our worlds- Naturvissenschaften- the objective and scientific study of nature both physical and organic When studying our worlds - Emphasis is placed on knowledge and explanation. You want to predict and explain events. - Nomothetic, universal principles. Idiographic individual cases, rule based, principle based. They are general rules, we are finding our own data. Prof did a social psychology research, found that Chinese are more reserved. Which one is more complex, the physical worlds or the world of the mind? At one level we can argue that studying the physical world is more complex At another level we can argue that the physical world is a projection of our concepts. We were taught to believe that the sun rises and the sets but we rotate, this is how we project these concepts. The physical world is a creation of the noetic world the world of the mind. This is the idea from Kant) How does this relate to Psychology? Let’s consider two worlds, the everyday world and the world of the laboratory (aka research world). As cognitive psychology took more control, the representation of psychology in the laboratory became weaker and weaker. Events in the lab are supposed to represent the events in the world. There is the lived world, what goes on in your life, your own experiences. Then you have a separate detached world, it is in time, you are looking down, it is the plane
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