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Chapter 12Emotions and Mental Health in ChildhoodDisorders of emotional life in kids and adolescence are states in which young kids are no longer able successfully to cope or in which theyre getting into serious troubleClassifying Childhood DisordersMental health workers developed classification systems for clusters of disordered behaviour o Main system is that of psychiatric diagnosisinterviewDiagnoses are descriptions of patterns of behaviour o To make diagnosis criteria are used by which behaviour experiences andor emotions are judged o Importance of diagnosis is that someone who fulfills defined criteria for defined period is usually impaired in functioningstudy of this is psychopathologyMain scheme used to diagnose psychiatric problems of adults and kids in North America is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of thMental Disorders 4 Edition DSMIVTR tho Another used one is the International Classification of Diseases 10 Revision Clinical Modification ICD10CM which includes psychiatric disordersAnother way of conceptualizing emotional disorders preferred by psychologists is to accept there are no sharp distinctions between having and not having disorderthere is continuumAssessment involves checklists of symptoms or behaviour patterns and sometimes questionnaires which someone completes for child At older ages kids complete themselves o Checklists and questionnaires provide continuous measures o In middle childhood two kinds of emotional disorder are importantexternalizing disorders defined by anger hostiligy aggression stealing and lying Internalizing disorders which include anxiety and depression o In adolescence disorders can continue and other disorders can occur How Are Emotions Involved in Kids Disorders2 principle emotionbased externalizing disorders of kids are called oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorderCriteria for defiant disorder is that over 6 month period child displays 4 of following behaviours that lead to impairment of school life o Loses temper argues with adults defies or refuses requests or rules deliberately does things that will annoy others blames others for own mistakes touchy or easily annoyed angry and resentful spiteful and vindictiveCriteria for conduct disorder are similar but include more serious antisocial behavior like truanting missing school before 13 stealing firesetting sexual assault and weapon use For internalizing disorders 2 main types are anxiety and depression o Anxiety disorders are fears that are abnormal in intensity duration and how theyre elicited Disabling syndrome is overanxious disorder in which there is excessive or unrealistic anxiety or worry for at least 6 monthsSeparation anxiety is defined as excessive anxiety for at least 2 weeks about separation from main attachment figures worry about harm befalling them refusal to attend school o Major depressive episode is kids feels very low in mood or has no interest in anything for at least 2 weeks Kid needs to be diagnosed must have 4 other symptom like weight changes sleep disturbance fatigue feelings of worthlessness inability to concentrate and recurrent thoughts of death or suicideEmotions central to how define certain types of disorder in childhoodNot included in diagnostic criteria are understandings of how different levels of emotional experience relate to one another What is Disordered Predominance of One Emotion SystemMost common view of disorders of emotion in childhood Tomkins argued 1 emotion becomes prominentdominates other possible experiences so depressed people experience more sadness than other emotions or experiences sadness moreDodge and Coie studied aggressive and nonaggressive kids reading vignettes or videotapes in which something negative happenedone kid bumpbed into another or kid refused to let another playasked to say whether perpetrator was being deliberately mean
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