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Lecture 6

Reading week 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Haley

Gallagher article Interaction theory (IT) as an alternative to both theory theory (TT) and stimulation theory (ST) Various capacities for primary and secondary intersubjectivity found in infancy and early childhood should not be thought of as precursors to later developing capacities for using folk psychology or simulation routines Continue to operate as our ordinary and everyday basis for social cognition Enactive perception rather than implicit simulation is the best model for explaining these capacities We would need come sense of the circumstances or some narrative framework to guide us These approaches reflect the theory of mind explanations offered by the standard and dominant models of social cognition: TT and ST Folk psychology theory to formulate the inference Simulate what must be going on in the others mind by imagining ourselves in his or her shoes. Three suppositions Social cognition is a problem (problem of other minds) because we lack direct access to other mind. We need some special cognitive process (theorizing, simulating) that will allow us to infer mental states in others Our normal everyday stance toward the other person is an observational stance. We observe their behaviours with some degree of detachment, and we use those observations as evidence for our theorizing, or as starting points for our simulating These mentalizing processes constitute our primary and pervasive way of understanding others (supposition of universality) IT Rejects the mentalizing supposition, that is, the Cartesian idea that other minds are hidden away and inaccessible, and cites evidence that in many cases knowing the other persons intentions, emotions, and dispositions is simply a matter of
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