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4. Should the Five Factor Model of Personality replace the current personality disorder system in DSM-5?

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

FFM Vs DSM Personality LectureDiagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders there is no neurobiologicalcorrelates that may be an underlying evidence for a disorderWhen biological evidence is found it is moved to neuropsychologyFirst version of DSM came in 1952 DSM 2 came out in 1960s DSM2 did not have any specific criteria but vague descriptions DSM 3 came out in 1980 dsm3r in 87 and 1994 dsm4In 1980 the first formal introduction of personality disorders came out when dsm 3 came out The DSM 5 still has the same model as DSM 3 There have been no changes in personality disorders There was talk of change but it didnt happenWhat Bagby and many thinks should have happened It should have been replaced by the FFMThere are 10 personality disorders that are in 3 clusters First cluster is the odd and eccentric Second cluster contains the most researched personality disorders antisocial and borderline The last cluster is dependant avoidant ocpd These are all traits A categorical approach is used to diagnose patients using a set of diagnostic criteria and to meet the criteria you must have certain symptoms Categorical method is polythetic DSM 3 is monothetic which means you needed every single trait to have a disorder then they changed it to polythetic in which you need a certain amount of a larger number of traitsAxi
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