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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Chapter 12: Personality Disorders  Personality = all the ways we have of acting, thinking, believing, and feeling that make us all unique. Defining and Diagnosis Personality Disorders…  A personality disorder is a long-stanging pattern of maladaptive behaviours, thoughts, and feelings.  Can be diagnosed only if an individual has shown symptoms since childhood or adolescence.  Personality Disorders are on Axis II. o Clinical Disorders = Axis I. o People with Personality Disorders can experience clinical syndromes from Axis I.  People with Personality Disorders tend to not seek treatment until they experience an Axis I syndrome (e.g. major depression).  Three clusters of Personality Disorders: o Cluster A: Odd/Eccentric.  Similar to schizophrenia, but not psychotic.  Paranoid/Schizoid/Schizotypal. o Cluster B: Dramatic/Erratic/Emotional.  Manipulative, volatile, impulsive, uncaring in social situations.  Antisocial/Histrionic/Borderline/Narcassistic. o Cluster C: Anxious/Fearful.  Little self-confidence, difficult relationships with others.  Dependent/Avoidant/OCPD.  Personality Disorders are easiest to diagnose, yet the criteria for diagnosis is vague.  Problems with DSM categories o Many theorists don’t like the categorization of the DSM. o First: DSM treats PDs as categories; something substantially different from a normal PD.  John Livesley & Co. = PDs are extreme versions of normal personality. o Second: a great deal of overlap exists between pers
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