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PSYD33 - Lec 3 notes (Analogue)

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Michael Bagby

-analogue studies with college students tell us about etiology -making generalizations about population based on college students AGAINST *distress vs depression [general psychopathology] -chronic stress -self report vs interviews  not comparable (coyne pg 39-self report; pg 40-SCID) -self report measures validity -BDI -rating sale generally uses score of 9 -not much research on validity/reliability of use of BDI outside clinical use -college student BDI scores are fairly unstable -DIS –doesn’t allow sufficient challenge of subject initial response -test-retest reliability  college students change over hours -BDI very unstable among students when tested each time -prevalence rates are low -age, gender, SES (1)age of onset of depression is declining, students are younger than the age of first episode of depression for many depression persons (2) -no 2:1 female to male in college students pg 37 coyne -college students don’t translate to general population UNDER HEADING: STUDYING COLLEGE STUDENTS (coyne) -college samples have diff characteristics (ie. relationships – economical dependence) (3)college students are privileged (ie. SES, lower rates of severe life events) coyne pg 38 -evaluative pressure different in both samples vred pg335 (coyne pg 41) -different coping strategies -depressed patients make internal attributions for failures -students don’t (coyne pg41-42) -college students are too young to be diagnosed -different environment for college students  maturity, growing up, etc -diagnosis can overlap (ie. substance abuse) coyne: pg31 FOR *adult problems are not worse than students  it is a dependent factor and an external reason (ie. high suicide rate, high distress, martial/relationship stressors) vred pg335 rebuttal: coyne pg 37-38 -college students are a subclass of a sample that may be at risk ---stats show more college students commit suicide/20% experience depression episodes ---age of onset in college students 19 yrs + younger invaoio college students are depressed rebuttal: coyne pg 37 -cost and time efficient -most past research has used college students -larger samples can be used See Coyne pg 39 – regarding large samples *college students + general public both don’t seek help vred pg337 coyne (pg 39) saying depressed persons don’t get treatment -ethical issues 
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