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PSYD33 - Lec 4 notes (Placebo)

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Michael Bagby

FOR – use of placebo controls tri-council guidelines(**READ this before you write paper) – talk about guidelines to run a placebo trial – under what conditions placebos are allowed *difficult to determine drug efficacy on its own when placebo response is high, „effective‟drug may not be „best proven‟ –glaros; cadesky – placebos can distinguish side affects of a medication from side effects from disorder (cadesky-p58) allows for control of external factors -reduction of confounding variables (cadesky-pg58) *reduce drugging in children -- beneficial for use of children (cadesky-pg58) *autonomy – patient knows what they‟re getting into [[already mention inAGAINST]] -smaller sample sizes need for placebo, cost effective (elliot –pg3) -reduces use of ineffective drugs on patients (la vaque) -used for cases of malingering (cadesky-pg59) -allows for patients who wouldn‟t otherwise have access to drug [[already mentioned]] rd -ie. 3 world studies (la vaque pg 5,6,8) *placebo used best in 3-arm treatment (cadesky –pg59) -3 arm design – treatment vs standardshows its effective when new drug is compared to standard treatment, but when compared to placebo it wasn‟t effective (could be regression to the mean) –la vaque p10 use as a REBUTTAL - unrealistic to think it would be cost-effective to have 2 trials (la vaque –p9 bottom) -what it basically comes down to is that drug agencies/pharmaceutical companies just want to know if the new drug is better than a placebo – if they were to compare the new drug to an existing drug, they would need larger sample sizes to determine the effectiveness of the new drug *more to benefit pharmaceutical companies (elliot) CONCLUSION: placebo should be part of drug tes
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