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PSYD33 - Lec 6 notes (Dimensional Model)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Bagby

– symptom of schizophrenia is overinclusive thinking; they are disconnected from reality – latent inhibition basically filtering what you don’t need -DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Model– why is it statistical? b/c insurance companies actually use it --since patients are covered by OHIP, any diagnosis ; -ICD-10 (international classification of diseases) -maps on to DSM4 -DSM1 was introduced in 1952 and was largely influenced by psychoanalysis – this was highly subjective, based on theory and less on science -revised to DSM2 in 1967 -revised to DSM3 in 1980 – one radical change -revised again DSM3R in 1987 -DSM4 in 1994 -we are now in the era of DSM5 – one of the radical changes is the movement away from categorical approaches to dimensional approaches –and the lead disorders are the personality disorders -should we use dimensional approach and is it ok to use the 5 factor Neil inventory revised- measures the five domains of the 5Factor model FIVE FACTOR Model – CANOE (stands for conscientiousness, openness, neuroticism, agreeableness…) -how are these factors derived? Factor analysis of trait descriptors of terms in the dictionary that we use to describe ppl --Gordon Allport identified 167 descriptor that are imp in personality -5factor model is derived from the lexical hypothesis – if we want to understand the basic aspects of personality we need to look at the language over time that humans use to describe to others, and we need to look at the dictionary -using a list of adjectives, a checklist was developed and then administered to a large group and factor analysis is performed -military was very much in involved in developing measures of intell
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