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David Perley

Rlga02 lec 5: - Apocalyptic – “end of the world” - Armeggeden rd - Begin around 3 century – jewish traditions - Apocyptic traditions: - A revelation: an unveiling and a vision - Visionary traditions - Book of Daniel - What are these visions of? In the apocalyptic traditions: - Visions of apacolyptic people: returning messiah; returning justice and getting rid of evil, reward obedient and punish the wicked - Hope king – need or desire for removal of evil - Something is going to happen; god is going to do it, and evil is going to be eradicated - Thndpeople who are not obeying are getting wiped out - 2 century BCE – Judah reclaims temple for short period of time; the people who are expressing hopes (wishing a messiah will help out) - judas family as savior but then they get destroyed; god didn’t keep them in their favour; hoping for the return of someone - urgency and hope for something to come; majority of jews they never come; then change; not an impending messiah - jesus is defined as messiah figure - jesus dies around 33 CE - jewish sect; apocalyptic; hoping messiah to come and believe jesus is that person - Christians see him as this pivotal moment in history and begin looking back at the tradition; isiah; as a vision of jesus - Christians – - Messiah is starting to change – as christinaity developed; his purpose is more cosmic - Messiah saves from evil, wicked people, - Christ; which is the greek translation of Hebrew word messiah - Is more of a cosmic universal savour; jesus isn’t saving us from oppression but he is saving us from sin - Ready to behave when messiah arrives or when god makes change from one era to the next - If I am on the side of good, then the reward is life - As christinaity develops, it expands, they want to repent; - Idea that there is not a lot of time left; a shift; why do I want to repent for my sins? I want to be presentable for messiah - Not a matter of life or death but eternal life - I am hoping to be at this place where god is with me. - Idea of reward of proper obedience gets connected to notion of heaven and hell as a more substantive part of religion - Hebrew bible; gehenna – shadow – idea of being dead is not a great thing to do; - Christinaity ; there is a difference; after I am done here. I am going to be assessed on another level to 2 permanent places - Eschatology – concern with end times - Once the world is no more, there is a moment in the future and we either go to heaven or hell - Apalopytic traditions are historical - The word messiah changes its meaning as we move from jewish to Christian tradition and then with the Islamic tradition - Where we are assessed and judged - Idea of judgement; we see traces of it but it becomes more sophisticated - Romans chose crucification as punishment - Historians – - Sacred narratives - What is a mosaic? - Think of jesus as a mosaic – little pieces - 4 gospels – by 4 century CE are allowed to be document of new testament - new perspectives; 4 different people looking at jesus from their own perspective; those groups gather lessons and they become the gospels - gospel scholars are not eyewitness accounts; historical accounts - Mathew, luke, john, mark - People that were following them; they weren’t eyewitnesses that hung out with jesus - 2 and 3 hand account; mosaic like image of who he was -
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