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Lecture 8

RLGA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Kaaba

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David Perley

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Lecture 8
Quote in introduction- Normative Islam means Islam as the tradition understands in an
authoritative form.
By the 9th century, Islam has consolidated stability as a tradition and the past is looked
back upon. The biology and the prophet is a sacred biology or sacred history. Islam is still
relevant and sacred to understand that tradition.
Last paragraph in the introduction, according to the Islam tradition (all of that is the
sacred traditions).
Prehistory in Muslim Identity- As much as we can know historically about what is
happening in Arabia. Pre-Islamic Arabia is pre-Mohamad. By using the past, Islam
identity gets formed.
What does the concept of ignorance mean? In the age of ignorance people believe in
many Gods. There is some evidence of polytheistic cultures. Prior to Mohamad
monotheism is lost in the dust.
All the stuff the people are doing with the idols and sacrificing animals are wrong and
Mohamad will stop this.
Mohamad is family of the organizers of the Mecca. Greedy and wealth are relative with
the fair.
Pre-Islamic world was wrapped with idolism which shows one of our worst human
characteristics which is greed.
Oral tradition of poetry.
According to the tradition when Mohamad is preaching he is not accepted. His group and
him are persecuted and he was one of these poets. If he is a poet he is making up, even
though he is receiving the message from the God. They make a distinction between a poet
and a prophet. Prophet is a someone that relays information.
When people were describing the Kaaba they said this once was Abrahams house. Even
in the movie, they are setting up the idea that is was the shrine where the alter where
sacrificial rituals were performed.
When he man drops the clay God he says the real God in unseen. God is an all-powerful
unearthly figure. The way the idol is mashed, he says what kind of God can’t keep
himself up. When the man goes back to his house 2 guys follow him. Meca is suspicious
of what Mohamad is doing. If he promotes this idea of monotheism the money generated
by the fair will go away.
Key Islam practices sis the horrible idea of burying daughters in the sand. Why would a
group do that? Primogenitor the older son gets all the wealthy of the family. If you do not
have a son your daughter will get a larger donation as part of the marriage. To have boys
instead of girls would be prestigious. This will be removed as a policy.
Shahada is a declaration that to be converted to the tradition is ritualistically converted
into prayers.
When Mohamad’s group leaves Mecca it is an important in the Muslim tradition and
that’s when their calendar starts.
The only people wearing white are the emperor and his people and Mohamad’s people.
Islam itself means submission, by everyone looking the same there is equality and no
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