Lecture 6 Notes

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Published on 8 Mar 2011
Gospel = Good News
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Gospel of Peter was rejected due to controversial ideas
Each Gospel uses an animal to represent
Paul is said to be the Founder of Christianity, keeping Early traditions together
No absolute consensus on some dates
Missionary religion
Gods in local religions were related to Christian saints.
Constantine Makes the ball rolling with Justinian Making it official
Conversion is a Gradual process
Easter Orthodox Church, pictures are used to worship
1054, the East Ex-communicate themselves From the West
Due to power, theology, and others
God can be Met instead of after death
Germany was in transition From Feudalism to Manufacturing
The Growing Merchant class supported Luther
The political landscape changes with the Holy Roman Empire Growing weaker
The Bible, written in Latin is translated into the local vernacular language
The translation reduces the power of the Church
This allows self-reliance
John Calvin
His ideas were spread throughout the West (Britain, France, Americas)
Predestination - Your characteristic is aHint” of one Getting into Heaven
Wanted Geneva to base their laws on divine and Natural law
Anabaptism (rebaptisers)
They were radical
Believed baptism should occur as a adult when they know whats Going on
Wanted the End of ruling by leaders
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