Lecture 8 Notes

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Published on 11 Apr 2011
Lecture 8 : March 22, 2011
Islam cont
Quran: Allah in quran and Allah is Arabic word for God. Misrepresentation: allah as a
different god. A devout muslim believes allah they pray too is the same god thatvabraham
was speaking to
Messages received from this god to prophets (ie. Muhammad)
Muhammad = the seal of the prophets
Key thing: it is considered to be the completion of the revelation. Scholars talking of the
quran talk about the absolute nessecity of jewish and Christian history. (ie. Quran history
focused on Polytheistic of the time Muhaammad was aware Christianity and Judaism
were thriving in parts)
The Quran has this dimenstionality where it refrences itself within its own text. (Meta-
-not in any historical chronological sequence
-in earlier suras (as according to the story when Muhammad is in mecca) very oral where it
is clear Muhammad is preaching orally. Later suras emphasize on the transition metaphor
tends to focus on the wisdom that is coming.
-scholars suggest preacher in street trying to convincea group of followers who already
know some of the things he preaches
Muhammad dies 632 CE
Third Calith-It is Uthman who compiles the Quran (about 30 years after death of prophet)
-angela noybirth convinced of a reality early date as empire spreads there is a book that
travels with the empire.
-muhammad can not be affliated with just the poets, the miraculous nature of text: from a
muslim perspective, the document is so sacred just reading it to another muslim states its
divine status.
-there is a story in the quran there is a story in the sounds of the quran
William James 1902: attempt to fuse science and religion
-Necessary Reduction:
Bacton: the idea that I have an idea of myself you have an idea of me I have an idea of
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