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Spouse Abuse
Family is paradox, for military and police, family is the 3rd most dangerous institutions for
But women more likely to experience severe forms of violence
- Many Canadian women and men experience violence in their marriages or common
law relationships
-Sexual integrate relationship can be explosive
Women also more likely than men to report multiple incidents of spousal violence
Women and men from all income and educational levels experience spousal violence
But in general, younger people face the greatest risk of experiencing spousal violence
Male domination/ patriarchy society, when looking at gay and lesbian relationships, this
would be male on male or female on female violence
Divorce Law- divorce rate is so high, people with money are signing a pre-nup
agreement before the marriage; pre-nup: explain how much money each other get when
Divorce Act 1968, the main reason for divorce is adultery; considering adultery as taboo,
must people are strongly opposed to this. Despite the fact, that we are living in a society
of sexually liberated
Swine-people having clubs
Divorce Act 1968 only allows adultery and mental physical abuse for couples to get
In 1985, the second divorce law, leads to marriage break down; want to get divorced,
need to separate for 1 year
No Fault Divorce, no one to blame
Sometimes if the husband has pension, but the wife doesnt, the money spit down
Reason for Divorce-
-individualism is growing: I am interest in ME primarily, and less willing to make
sacrifices for the family. Some call this the me-generation

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B is off the road- (The Components of Love/ graph): commitment is increased, intimacy
including sexually, physical and social intimacy; romantic love will decrease after a while
(Love Sick- refers to people who are in love)
The brain produces endorphins, the brain will also respond love, there are real physically
things changing
People are smitten when they are head in love
Start doing after Blue is off the road is to build other factors in order to have a lasting
3 factors: rule of independent women, women can now control reproduction by using
pills and males have no say to pregnancy. This raises feminist movement, also
increasing in workplace, therefore, they are not depend on men
When women economic dependent, they can lead, nowadays, more women are initiated
(starting to get divorce)
A lot of women work, childcare, care for older people- Second Shift
Low stress, less repetitive
Men work more hours in the workplace than women
When looking at house work, duel career- when both husband and wife have careers,
usually associated with profession that pays well, career couple tend to be more highly
educated, more likely to share house work, once they are more likely to share
housework and they are more likely to get divorced. Both positive and negative affects
Couples when they do have duel careers have less time to spend with each other and
relationship often suffer as a result
Divorce is more socially acceptable
Couples are encouraged together as a social pressure historically and now is gone
Friend and Relatives are just likely to tell you that if this is unhappy marriage, they are
more likely to encourage you to get divorced
Divorce is easier in today society: living apart for 1 year, divorce is over in a no fault
Housework, Child Care, and Senior Care
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