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Lecture 11

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Ivanka Knezevic

SOCA01 – Intro to Sociology 1 November 29, 2012 Sociology of Race and Ethnic Relations  Main focus: the way power and resources are unequally distributed among racial and ethnic groups  Ethnicity and race are socially constructed. They change  Satzewich: they are “acquired” rather than “ascribed” characteristics  Knezevic: ascribed characteristics are changeable, because they are socially constructed by both members and outsiders Ethnicity – definition  Definitions of an ethnic group: 1. Objective (by language, culture, religion, customs, national origin, history, and ancestry) - Common experience rather than common culture (Liodakis) - Are there “ethnic Canadians?” 2. Subjective (self-identification of group members) - Anderson: imagined communities have socially constructed symbolic markers - Are there “ethnic Canadians?” - Ethnicity and race (the concepts of “self” and “other”) do NOT first appear in capitalism - Nation state appears with elements of capitalism within feudalism, caused by the need for enlarged market Race – definition  Racialization: set of social processes and practices through which social relations among people are structured by the signification of human biological characteristics in such a way as to define and construct differentiated social collectivity’s (races)  Behaviourally insignificant biological characteristics become socially significant in their consequences  Racialization is (1) hierarchical and (2) a self-fulfilling prophesy  Marxist view of racialization: an ideology used by capitalist to justify the exploitation and divide workers
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