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Ivanka Knezevic

SCP Chapter 11 • Ethnicity refers to social distinctions and relations among individuals and groups based on their cultural characteristics (language, religion, etc.) {ethnos –greek-means a large group of people} • Race refers to people’s assumed but socially significant physical or genetic characteristics • Ethnic groups share a sense of “belonging together” • Emile Durkheim used the concept of collective consciousness as a primary source of identity formation. • He tried to explain what made pre-modern societies so cohesive and emphasized the importance of community or group sentiments over individual ones. • Max weber argued that social group formation is associated with social practices of inclusion/exclusion, important in turn for the production and distribution of scarce valuable resources • Ethnicity should be seen as subjective and presumed identity based on what weber called a “folk-feeling” • Ethnic ethnicity is often linked to people’s primordial attachment. Whereas hard primordialism holds that people are attached to one another and their communities of origin because of their blood ties. Soft primordialism (weber said) proposes that people’s feelings of affinity, attachment, acceptance, trust and intimacy toward their own kind are not mediated by blood ties. • Racialization: sets of social processes and practices through which social relations among people are structured by the significance of human biological characteristics in such a way as to define and construct differentiated social collectivities • Assimilation the pro
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