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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 7-October 24, 2013 • dramatic impact o display correct feelings  show not just on survace, but believe its real • accomplishment o not feel self-conscious or "on"  e.g. job interview  strangers; new situation, high status other, being evaluated, illegal act o coordinate acts  mutual understandings  need to know context e.g. i have a child, ok, i have a dog, oh, i'mm sorry (context: rent an apartment) o be "in" role  e.g. dr. has to stay professional when performing role e.g. can't laugh at symptoms  e.g. women dressing inappropiately for their job o vs. breakdown  infractions  embarrassment • accomplishing social order o harold garfinkel  ethnomethodology - methods people use to keep interactions going  conversation as a gloss (doesn't go deeper..e.g. how are you applications going? what do you mean by going? or i don't like old movies? which ones? alll, some or the ones you'vee seen?  violations of rules:  breaching-by breaching, you uncover the hidden norms • rituals to enact or accomplish order o affirms both selves vs. threaten them o greeting rituals  attenuation rule  e.g. must say hi the first time you see them, but not necessarily again all can attenuate after o parting rituatls  take place when you're with someone for a longer amount of time e.g. party  more difficult than greeting rituals e.g. if come to party, you can't leave right away, also the 1st person to leave gets coat tails (people follow quickly) o minor infractions  cross cultural infractions  embarassment. vs. "civil disattention"  (civil disattention-overlook it e.g. if someone's fly is down, you may not tell them in front of other people)  e.g. eating with left hand  ritual work  infractions-> accounts  when an infraction is serious enough, you provide an account for it (explanation)  script for accounts? offer to help (if knocked down their papers), offer apology/explanation, do sufficient ritual/remedial work  remedial work  displays membership  affirms both selves • emotional energy hypothesis o most interactions adds an increment of positive emotional energy o negative outcomes and feelings are inevitable  e.g. job interview..only one person gets the job • Goffman & Self Presentations o concern with expressive/ceremonial order o self-presentation  as if actors on a stage engaged in a performance  have as many selves as roles that matter  argues that we do not have one coherent role o dramaturgical metaphor  stage (where the performance is carried out)  actors/audience  p
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