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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Sociology Lecture Families contd Family is functional because it promotes ecocooperation Particularism Affect used by parsons You are given special consideration by your parents whereas the larger society is based on universalism and impersonality Parents are more likely to overlook faults and mistakes whereas the wider community does not Family is there to provide emotional support Families also are different as they pool financial resources The closest relationship in the world can very well be between mother and child Children will support their parents in old age There is a sexual division of labour in the family, man doesstrength work that a woman cannot do Now with technology women can do most things that men can do in the home Complementarity ^ men do some work and women do some that complement each other The functional approach tends to overlook the problems of married life Violence and conflict are common to the family The family is a paradox bc it has positive and negative aspects For instance in Japan in 1970 20% of women married by the age of 30, now 40% married by the age of 30 Why?^ Patriarchy Women stay single to pursue their own career Men are not as inclined to marry bc they claim family law is biased against men Some men try to get around this by getting a pre-nuptial agreement Conflict and feminist approach to the family People inherit the social standing of their parents According to this point of view, Engles book Origin of the family, higher class men want to transmit their land to their sons Functionalists seethat this inheritance gives people their identity Second defect in the family is patriarchy Family promotes patriarchy Families transform women to sexual property of men (refers to traditional nuclear family) A century ago the earnings of the wife belonged to the husband Canadian women with at least one child under five spend 5.3 hours worth of housework a day Husbands spend 3 Feminists and conflict theorists are critical of this^ The family promotes racial and ethnic categories
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