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Lecture 4

week 4

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Sociology & Sexuality
-sexuality is guided by social scripts that tell us whom we should find sexually
attractive & how to behave sexually
-20th century sexual century b/c sex came out of the closet
-erotophobia religion that has a phobic highly negative in response to sexuality
(this was popular in Europe in the oldern days|)
-Freud identified the libido the root of all human behaviour 2 parts: ego;
super ego; sex drive in humans located in the id (in the 20th century)the most
powerful motive in humans is the sex drive
-Kense sex researcher studied habits of sexual behaviour 1950s did survey
research on sexuality- it was an unexplored area.
-Masters and Johnson did lab work on humans and sexulity. They did sex tests
by wiring people and watching them have sex.
-Sex depends on wether you whee born male or female gentials and genetic
program that realeased male or female homones to stimulate development
of your reproductive system
-Sex is nature Barbie and brad pitt
-70% of the time men think it is about sex
Body Image Sociology bit
-women tend to be judged on appearance more often than men
- those dissatisfied w/ their body image are less likely to desire & engage in sexual
-women have more fatty tissues
-men are more masculine
-prepare to undergo sex surgery & hormone therapy
Transgenders/cross dressers
Transgenders defy male/female cultural roles
-sexual identity doesnt match the body
-our culture has struggled to accept this till most recently ie in Tailand they is a type
called a lady boy. In Thailand pple are not disturbed by this.
-Navajo an American tribe saw hermaphroditism as supernatural; coming from the
gods. They were usually witch doctors or Shamans.
Gender Identity & Gender Role
-Gender identity is ones identification w/ or sense of belonging to, a particular sex
-Gender role refers to acting in accordance w/ widely shared expectations about how
members of ones gender are supposed to behave
-dressed in a fashionable way eg David beckham and Arnold Swartznegger
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