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Ivanka Knezevic

Class Outline Course SOCA01H3 LEC30 Lecture 27/09/2012 Topic: Socialisation Key educational goals/outcomes for today: Understand the process of socialisation as a complex, lifelong interaction between a society and individuals in it. Reflect on the role of social structures, culture and human agency in it. Understand that sociological theories of socialization place varying emphasis on these elements. Understand that psychological theories of socialization vary in their understanding of human identity as primarily biological or primarily social. Know the roles of main agents of socialization. Apply your knowledge to seemingly inexplicable or highly individual behavior: how has socialisation enabled it? Reading Tepperman, Lorne, Patrizia Albanese, and Jim Curtis (eds.). 2012. Sociology: A Canadian Perspective. 3 edition. Toronto: Oxford University Press. Chapter 4. Questions to guide the reading/to think about ahead of time for students “Socialisation makes us fully human.” Explain. Summarize the nature – nurture debate. What is your position on their relative importance? Does it differ, depending on the aspect of human behaviour you consider? Know mechanisms and stages of socialisation, as presented by psychological theories (theories of childhood socialization). Do you recognise elements of your own or your siblings’ childhood in them? Define “significant others” and “reference groups”. Understand that symbolic functionalist and Marxist theories of socialisation focus on the same characteristics, but understand them in opposite ways. Mitchell calls the family “the primary agent of socialisation.” Explain. How do families and peer groups interact as agents of socialisation. What are “para-social
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