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Chapter 6Networks Groups Bureaucracies and Societies Sociologists use three factors to justify the negative actions of large groups of people Nazis 1 Norms of Solidarity Demand conformity a People dont want to let down their teammates b Only People who have been poorly socialized are the most likely to object to the negative behaviour 2 Structures of Authority tend to render people obedient a When people are introduced to a structure of authority they become highly inclined to obey those in power 3 Bureaucracies are highly effective structures of authority a Bureaucracy a large impersonal organization comprising many clearly defined positions arranged in a hierarchy A bureaucracy has permanent salaried staff of qualified experts and written goals rules and procedures Ideally staff members always try to find ways of running the bureaucracy more efficientlySocial Networka bounded set of individuals who are linked by the exchange of material or emotional resources The patterns of exchange determine the boundaries of the network Members exchange resources more frequently with one another than with nonmembers They also think of themselves as network members Social networks
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