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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

lect 2 method1192012 65600 PM Following independent vaiable and dependent variable Look at an example They find that the teeth pregnancy and divorce rate have both increased in the past 50 years These are descriptive trends not descriptive static Are these two things related Can we turn it into an explanatory study You are gonna test this hypothesis as divorce rate increase teenage pregnancy increaseRecall hypothesis are explanatory and try to find the relationship betweenIV martial status can be manipulated DV teen pregnancyYou draw a contingency table four cell tableYou find divorce is dependent on teen pregnacySo our hypothesis is confirmed But the relatoisip is not perfectwhere you shuld see 0 and 100 while now you see 25 and 75Called cross classification of casesat least two vairablesAnother way to test relationship between two variable is to use correlationWhat is spurious correlatoinWhen we find two variables are correlated but the correlation is spurious not realsomething else is causing the correlationHostpital and mortality rateYou find more MR in hospital than MR at home so does hostpital cause mortalityhypothesisNot really because at hostpital you have relatively more sick people people with high and abnormall mortality at hospitalso you are more likely to see more dead ppl in hospital than at homeHow do you test this hypothesis is wrong You need to removeakacontrol the third variableYou take out the sick people out of the homeYou dont see the corretlation anymore Hence something elsethe sick premature death people who you take out cause the relationshipAnother example global warming the historical manipulation of CO2 levelsfound it on intranet to look for differnet ice ages
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