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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

ndMarch 22 lecture Limits of growth Growth is a core feature of our cultural systems and started from the environmental movement Some ppl call it the anthropy Tmrw wealth will exceed tmrws wealths Environmentalist wuld say not so fast and its not a gud idea Environmentalist also agree upon free trade growth science will make our lives betterthese ideals are called logic of growth Logic of growth is part of our heritable culture it is optimistic view of the world faith give reasons and progress If we are faced with problem the logic of growth tells us we can overcome it We have done it in the past and can still do it Logic of growth says if we overpopulate the worldwe can solve that too bcz we can grow more food its called the green revolution Famine is the things of past if we exhaust raw materials then we can come up with substitute raw materials Optimism is opposed by the limits of growth A royal crisis in the 1970s to which the market responded with several innovations to that crisis market also came up with high tech pollution devices ex cars today dunt pollite nearly as much as it used too Hybrid cars and ways of eliminating CO2 emissions Limits of growth ppl distrust the logic of growth Limits of growth ppl are Malthusian pessimists in Modern environmentalism 1970s after 1970s environmentalism went to a new direction it acquired a religious element to it nd became hostile to material worldaffluence PREOCCUPATION OF WEATLH THE MEDIEVAL CHHURCH SAYS Preoccupation with material world is a deadly sin of avarice Some believe in apocalypsean end to a world if we do not mend our evil ways Their seen a sinners for spoiling and destroying planet welive inJames a new look to life he proposes Giathe godelements to Gia James argues that world is a super sentiam the world has the power of perception can feel experiencem has consiousncess nd this is reminiscent of nature worship that you find in many tribal ppls of past wherein nature is sacredyou can find gia elements in an environmental ecology called deep ecologysacred ecologyecosophy and creation spirituality UN are full of Gianess They want to establish world Gia tells us that at some point a propher is going to emerge who will be a world spiritual teacher Algore wise president of US He took up the environemental cause and became a powerful voice and talks abt global warming There is a masanthrophismthey dislike human being and Gia is angry at humans there is a strong mesanthropishm running in modern evolution For instance love log calls human a pest species Gia is a spiritual goddess that sustains all life Human are a cancer and there are hints that gia is not gonna put up with these pests species The UN is full of Gia Their global diversity assessment says that the 2 most harmful religions on earth are Christianity and Islam bcz these have pulled ppl away frm infiintiy and attraction to environment also rep rival religions in the mind of new eco spirtualistsmodern environmentalism begins with club of rome in 1972 and they argue about sustainabilitybig argument This is a Gian priniciple Maurice Strong says the only hope for the planet is that industrial civilization collapsesnd it is according to him our responsibility to bring this out It does have its scary aspects to it Humans are nasty creatures Jacques Cousteau Frenchman major environmentalist deliver the earth with burden David Foremanlead author of Deep ecology check slides best thng is for nature to seek its own balance is wht he says this is Malthusianstuart brand aka ecofreak At first we seem to have some kind of infinity for aids 1972 racial carsans wrote a book called silent dpring where she argued that use of DDT pesticide wuld eventually cause the spring to be silent bcz it will kill all the birds and and also that it is harmful to humans So the ddt was banned
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