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Lecture - March 22 / 24

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mc Kinon

ENVIRONMENT Boclanys Book Modern world is not as terrible as environmentalists find. The world is more literate, bright and freer than before (politically) Economic freedom has increased people can choose their rulers More people are living under law less likely to live in poverty More social mobility People are more likely to rise up more ascription People have more leisure time and wealth to spend during that time During the early stages of development, societies often encounter environmental degradation o Because they dont have wealth and money. They have first order problems (food production, malnutrition, illiteracy, public health services) these take huge amount of money. Environmental people recognized environmental degradation, after a while Second order problems The cleanest societies in the world today are the wealthiest Green ceiling imaginary point where society accumulates enough wealth to deal with environmental problems o Continues to fall across the world Boclany is in favor of globalization Property rights if you have a business, nobody can take over it Pernando(?) spurred development in Latin America with peasants to give them property rights. Over a billion people still live in absolute poverty (less than a dollar a day)
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