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Lecture 3

Week 3

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The Spirit of Capitalism
What is the difference between the Spirit of Capitalism and what is
Capitalism is the organized structure of society based on making profit
The spirit of capitalism is the set of attitudes and beliefs that are
important in life that connect you to the drive for making profit
The point of life wasnt to work but to enjoy the fruits of your work
What is SC?
Pg 76quote from ben
The main feature of capitalism is hard work and frugality are your
duty , one has to be trust worthy and on top of things, because this is
your duty
Modern vs adventure modern is based on small hard working
companies that try to make a living but this money will pile up
eventually, adventure capitalism isnt new but rather people have
always tried to get rich, there is no day to day slow methodical idea of
day to day dealings, its driven by risk
Ideal + Material Interests -- the ideal appears among those that
arent rich, as the rich have material capital
Why do we care about S?
How did SC come about?
Its comes from a certain type of rational
Modern capitalism is scientific, and will use science in order to product
economic activity, quantitative—accounting.
The Protestant Ethic
Protestantism branch of Christianity, a system of theological beliefs
about who God is what he wants from us, what is good and what is
bad, how we get to heaven
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Ethics are like a code of conduct in areas of life that arent directly
related to these theological beliefs
What kind of spirit does this create and how does it shape economic
To what extent and in what ways can aspects of our modern economic
order be linked to the influence of the protestant reformation
1)Elective affinities – how does Protestant reformation works itself into the
capitalist order
What is PE
1)Strongly ascetic- a religious attitude in which you deny yourself pleasure
2)State of grace – the condition in which people that are saved go into, they are
the ones that make it through the sinful corrupt world, they are beyond these
3)Testify to your belief – you are in a state of grace every single day of your
life, beliefs have to be sincere, true and strong
4)Methodical self- supervision – analyzing all your actions and ensuring that
they are truthful
5)Ordinary people – one could be saved if you let faith pervade your life, every
man becomes a monk.
The protestant reformation required that people lived like monks on a daily life
6)Inner worldly – you dont run away from real life but you spread heaven on
earth you need to make the world pure
How do you live a saintly life if you have to work
What does it say about work and wealth
1)The danger of wealth is enjoyment if you have money you might stop
You have to constantly reprove yourself to God, you must always achieve more
2)Consumption is bad—you must work work work, you dont work for money
but to practice self denial
3)Work is a calling—it isnt just labour, or survival, but it is one of the most
important things in your life, it should be a vocation, you dont just except
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