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Lecture 4

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Dan Silver

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Sociology lecture 4 February 1st
Religious Rejections
Felt that the real world is an illusion and religion
Active indicates we are agents of gods work (Puritan)
Passive we are vessels of god which he is simply filling up outer being
in isolation (Mystic)
Spares (Tensions towards religions)
Religions that promise a fulfilling life are conflicted by money and the
economy which stimulates greed
Creates impersonality, we are supposed to be a big family seeing others
as brothers and sister, economy has created faceless interactions
Relationships between mortgage buyers and sellers
You cannot love someone who is just a number
This is reversed by/ possible solutions are
Work is a calling must be hard working and maintain your state of
grace and give it up good make profit while bad does not (Puritan)
If you earn or have money give it away drop everything you have and
let your self go (Mystic)
Promised that they would change the world
Source of tension is due to
oImpersonality and religions unionizes people
oPower based on hierarchy there is a lot of tension
oViolence religions oppose the state due to their actions
oRealpolitik states do not follow morality they focus on interest
and calculating

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oPatriotism people become so power and caught up in the love of
the country they oppose religion
oConsecrate death dying for the country seen as brother killing
brother which become rivalry between religion and country
oEncouraged to avoid conflict and turn the other cheek
Aesthetics = Art
In a world in which art is created
Objection to anti- magic
Thinks that it I impossible things to happened by itself
oAnti- Magic
oMeanings form jewelry and beauty distract us from our belief
oArt for Arts sake (people use art as an escape from religion and
is used to fill a void through art and music
Sex was seen as holy and god of fertility
No tension between religion and sex
Tension between salvation and religion when sex is no longer used for
making offspring it is used as style or recreation
Erotic sexuality is a triumph over and retrains religions
oPersonality you give yourself and offer your self to that other
human being
You are supposed to giving yourself to god or in marriage to god
Your individuality is exposed and tarnished
oExclusive/Incommunicable of the sexual relationship challenges
religions have something in common, deep and special
relationships is dangerous to religion
oLoss of self control
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