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Lecture 9

SOC B43 Lecture 9

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Dan Silver

LECTURE 9Mead Science and Morality Simmel LifeSociology as the study of forms of interaction Quantitative Aspects of groups Conflict Hierarchy SociabilityMead Mead had an idea about a certain kind of every day activity You always respond automatically in a way that isnt necessarily expected of youThis is a very different way of thinking about creativity than Weber For him Charisma embodies the idea of social creativity because they dont follow normal traditions and rules They break rules and do things differently which in turn creates new rules In life there are rules and structure and every once and a while a great thinker comes along and changes things In science there is always constant change What s true today might not be true tomorrow Weber The rise of scientific thinking will be a threat to scientific culture because religion has held society together for so long Durkheim Teleology vs MechanismTelos means purpose or goal Things happen because there was a goal or a purpose to itMechanism is more the scientific aspect You dont know what the goals are at all There arent really even goals in life at all Things just happen You can just figure out what caused what and adapt yourself to where the world is going And this requires a certain outlook on lifewe are grubby animals on a rock living on a star We think of this in opposition or in conflict with one anotherEach person thinks they each are on morally high ground The teleological person sees the scientific person as living aimlessly Mead is looking for a way out of this conflict Intelligent Reconstruction o Think about what were doing in science in a very different ways Must change our purposes and goals Pg 36 o Health is important so if you get sick we need to know why so we can stop it It may be the case that religious norms about sex are spreading around diseases So sometimes religious norms and other norms need to be rethink teleology
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