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AgendaMead o ScienceMoralitySimmel o Life o Sociology as the study of forms of interaction o Quantitative aspects of groups o Conflict o Hierarchy o SociabilityndNext Tuesday 2 essay is assigned Next Thursday Tutorial essay writing Next Next Thursday Tutorial exam review thndMonday Apr 9 2 essay is dueMead ScienceMoralityLife innovationcreativity is always occurring o As opposed to just occurring once a lifetimeWeber o SciencenihilismSciences tells us how to pursueBut not what to doMead o Teleology vs MechanismTeleologyTelospurposegoalTeoleological viewtraditional moral view on life o Theres a goalpurpose behind every eventEg if someone dies God is punishing himMechanismScientific attitude o Kind of WeberesqueThere is no goal in life stuff just happensAll we can do is adapt to the situation Religious person sees scientific person as living aimlessly
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