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Lecture 4

SOCC38H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Seamonsters

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Ann Mullen

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Week 4
-1. Discussion of Midterm
-2. “Doing Gender”
o“Tootsie” video
o“You can’t be a princess” video
-3. Barbie Girls & Sea Monsters
Discussion of Midterm
-Conceptual definitions
oDefine, explain the significance and give an example
Example: ‘Doing Gender”
How this concept relates to other concepts, relation to other
concepts. Different way of thinking about gender. Gender as
oShort 3-4 sentences, point forms allowed
-Short Essay Questions
-Midterm exam study guide will be given – Up by next Monday (OCT12)
oWell prepared if using this!
Doing Gender
-5 key points to take home!
-Major contribution: Putting a new way of thinking about gender
oNew approach to conceptualizing gender
-(1)Gender as a routine accomplishment embedded in everyday interaction
-Looking at gender as a product of interaction
-Gender as an accomplishment and product of interaction
oWe are no longer referring to gender as an individual characteristic—not
something that resides in the individual but something that is produced
through interaction and accomplished through interaction
-(2) Idea that this makes gender seem natural
-We take it for granted, and it makes us think that these differences are engrained
-Article aims to uncover the processes that gender comes to seem as natural
-Gender as a routine, methodological, accomplishment
oSomething we accomplish in our day to day life; gender is undertaken by
women/man whose competence as members of society is hostage to its
oIn order to be regarded as competence, we need to produce and do
gender as correctly
-(3)Rather than a property of individual, it is seen as an emergent feature of social
oEmerging from social situations, not just attached to individuals
-Tootsie video

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oWhat does this character (Tootsie) do to accomplish gender?
Soften voice
Physical Appearance—hair, makeup, clothing
Shrinking her movements and walking like a woman
Female name
oWhat’s wrong with her gender performance? Where does it fall a little
Stood up for himself when called ‘Tootsie”
Aggressive when he kicked someone – physically aggressive
compared to other woman
Turned down for the part, he was confrontational
Questioned because he wasn’t ‘feminine’ enough; whereas
women would think they aren’t pretty enough
Role was overplayed, therefore not believable anymore
Swore – not something associated with feminine behaviour
Voice tones – much louder, compared to stereotypical women
Gestures – still large compared to feminine behaviour
-Task of producing configuration of behaviour to be successful and work
-We are always doing gender and there’s no escapes from doing gender
-West and Zimmerman thinks that it’s unavoidable and we always need to do
-Range of different stereotypically how we present ourselves with gender
-We are always doing gender on the risk of being assessed
-(4) Resources for doing gender
oWhat are the resources the social world offers us for doing gender?
oDoing gender means creating differences between women/men,
differences that are not natural, psychological and biological
oOnce these difference are created they are used to recreate the
essentialness of gender
oResources Institutional
Example: Sex segregated washrooms
Don’t reflect difference, but the fact that we have different
washrooms that instills differences
The fact that we are so different that we need it
Example: the way we date/marry
Women tend to date and marry men that are taller and older
than her
What does this accomplish?
oInstitutional framework – reaching high places, doing
experienced work
-Any interaction sets the stage for doing gender
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