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Rania Salem

DEFINING EUROCENTRISM Eurocentrism contains ethnocentrism Sees European history as superior to others ORIENTALISM Type of Eurocentric prejudice directed against oriental people and cultures Based on a distinction made between the Occident (self) and the Orient as fundamentally different They were described as inferior, irrational, depreaved and childlike The term orient is no longer correct because it comes with a lot of supresses actions The colonized were essentialized or depicted a shaving fixed attributes which did not vary (boiled down their people into their essence, based on their blood that they are like that therefore unchanging) This is typical when a dominant group wants to colonize a submissive group So say the word “west” is also Eurocentric because it means that Europe is in the middle of the world th Ththe ideas were being formed by colonizers and their elite allies in the orient during the 17 to 20 century These ideas were formed so that they could justify the economic and political ecpliatation of oriental locales They could now define, control and manipulate these oriental people The discourse of orientalism is one way in which imperialism survives today It also influenced how eastern people saw themselves and to think of themselves as being inferior and needing European guidance ORIENTALIST REPRESENTAIONF OF GENDERAND WOMEN IN THE MIDDLE EAST Orientalists representations of women in the middle east centered on contradictory fantasies regarding women a. Belly dancers b. Veiled and secluded harem women: elite women who cover up when they go out and when they come home, they are secluded from others Duality of brown women needing to be saved by white men MYTHS AND STEREOTYPES ABOUT GENDER AND WOMEN IN THE MIDDLE EAST Women are uniquely oppressed in the middle east But… How unique is this relative to womens status other would regions? Patriarchy is universal but its manifestation is unique from region, groups and age groups to the next How unique is this relative to other social actors, such as junior men? Women are disadvantaged but this also applies to younger men under classic patriarchy How static and unchanging is womens oppression in the region? Oppression varies over time and space MYTHS AND STEREOTPYESABOUT FAMILY IN THE MIDDLE EAST The family system of patriarchy is static in the middle east…but.. How can we account for the differences across time in womens and mens subordination if patriarchy is unchanging The family system of patriarchy is uniform across the middle east..but.. How do we explain differences in womens and mens behaviours and circumstances if patriarchy is uniform? The family change in the middle east follows a pattern set by the west..but.. How can we explain differences in the onset, pace, and nature of family change between the west and the m
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