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SOCC30 Lecture 1

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Julian Tanner

SOCC30 Criminal Behaviour Lecture 1 13 September, 2012 Professor: Julian Tanner Office: MW 314 Tuesday- 3-4 or Thursday 2-3 What is Crime? What is Deviance? - Crime and deviance can be viewed as a rule of norm violating a behaviour - It can be understand by the reaction of the violation - It is a social judgement or label - Crime and deviance is a kind of behaviour, there is a wide range of behaviour that constitute criminal activity - People who engage in crime and deviance are engaging in the breakage of a rule or norm behaviour Norms - Norms are prescriptions for appropriate behaviour - They are the do’s and don’ts of society - Guidelines to appropriate behaviour - Some norms apply to everybody in society, it is more universal. Ex. When going to Tim Horton’s in the morning you wouldn’t cut in line because the norm is to join the back of the line - Other norms however apply to those in specific categories: age, religion, gender - Ex. Drinking alcohol is a normal behaviour for adults. However there are rules that adolescence cannot drink alcohol until they are 18, 19 or 21. - Ex. In the United states there are certain rules that children under 16 aren’t allowed to be in the streets at night. - If you were to break these rules, these behaviour are seen as deviant - However norm changes with time, For example b
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