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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ivanka Knezevic

News definition and Agenda setting news is accurate information about significant current events Agenda setting and framing are mass media production processes that influences public opinion and politics there is effect on media agenda setting on audience agenda political agenda: issues worth public (media) attention are important issues; this is a latent function of the news overt function: information barron and Lacombe: no changes in female youth violence- changes in reporting Tweksbury: audience further narrows the agenda means of agenda setting (how do you tell the audience what is important?): a. placement (beginning or end of broadcatst, newspaper etc) b. extensiveness (space/time devoted to a story): the longer it is, the more important it is c. duration (how long the story reminds in the news) Framing refers to an indivudual issue the way you pick and choose aspects of the story to frame is to select some aspects of percieved reality and make them more salient in a communicating text, in such a way as to promote a particular problem definition, casual intepretation, moral evaluation, and/or treatment reccomendation for the problem described you have a particular view of the problem to promote causal interpretation: what is cauing the problem, why did it appear? Moral evaluation: who is to blame for this problem? Treatment recommendation: what should we do to get rid of this problem and control it? eg barron and lamcombe: framing of female youth violence problem: female violence is increasing causal interepretation: empowerment of women masculinizes them and makes them more like men moral evaluation: the females themselves treatment reccomendation: harsher punishment and survallience means of framing what do you do to advance a frame? 1. Selective information: what is to be neglected and emphasized in the story includes choice of experts (govt officials gives the appearance of trustworthiness) 2. selective intepretation: includes... a. Choice of language: you can tweak the frame by the language you use b. Attitude of the reporter: thus framing can violate jounalistic goal of objectivity (balance reporting: have to report on both sides) while its form is being preserved innoculation: short and.or critical exposure of an unpopular view what makes a frame successful? in order for it to be succefful it has to be a part of an established discursive domain (way of talking about ur issue which is accepted in the culture of
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